Wonderful people

If there is one thing I love about what I do, it’s meeting new people, and in some instances, being given the opportunity to watch them all grow and change.

I take something away from every new family I meet. Whether that be sweet memories, inspiration, or just simple joy.



These two photos were taken a little more than a year apart. The first was just a family portrait and when I learned this sweet family was expecting a new addition I was so happy for them. I love having a small timeline. And now that the baby is due any day now, I’m beyond excited to add a newborn set to their timeline.


This sweet couple are by far two of the most inspiring people I’ve met this far in my life. I met them while doing a “mommy and me” session with a good friend of mine and her son. She had expressed that her mother was having a rough time, and that she really wanted to get some photos of her son and her mother as well. While I was doing those photos I caught these too cuddlin’ and of course, couldn’t resist. They’ve been married for 33 years. They have a handful of children, and grandchildren. And as many couples, I can imagine they’ve had their share of hardships in their time together. When I saw them together it was genuinely hard for me to keep my composure. They were just emitting love and compassion. Being engaged myself I studied them harder than they probably realize. They were so supportive of one another, and you could plainly see they were still head over heels, madly in love.
I went home to my hubby to be and looked at him thinking, ” if we could be just half as happy as they were, we would more than lucky.”

I hold a little something special in my heart for every person or family I meet. They all make such a huge difference in my life and most of them have no idea. I love what I do. Pure emotion is what drives me. And I’ll never, EVER stop chasing the high of capturing those emotions and freezing them in time forever.


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