starting over.

I have felt for a long time I have lost what makes me unique. Which naturally, destroys me. I Love doing portrait work and meeting new people but when I feel the need to do something solely for me, I feel like I’ve run dry.

In an attempt to correct this. I have decided to take old photos of mine and recreate them. hopefully that will spark some hidden creativity.


This is a photo taken in april of 2010.



This is my “recreation”

the thing I like most is that I have completely two different emotions that fuel each of these photos. I enjoy looking at them both and remembering what I felt in 2010, and now seeing how different I feel now three years later.





6 thoughts on “starting over.

  1. I love this idea! There are probably so many photos I’ve taken, especially self portraits or conceptual ideas that just didn’t work out years ago because my knowledge wasn’t as vast. Plus it’s awesome to see how we come to an image with a different perspective so many years later. I’ll be following to see what other images you re-create!

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