For the love of art.

Today I was informed I was a highlighted artist in an article featuring a blog I have grown to love. this blog has been a literal game changer for myself and many photographers who have contributed to it. What Danielle has done is given artists like myself a platform to put our work out in the world for exactly what it is. I myself have battled depression in the past and seen my loved ones afflicted. I was a photographer before my personal affliction, but I fell into it like love for the first time while I was fighting my own battle. Even though I am no longer in the same place now, it tore open a part of me I never knew existed. Since then, I have pulled all of my inspiration from that place and never looked back. Many of the contributing artists have beautiful stories. And many of them are like me, they use their art as their outlet but they do not tell you that. I, myself always felt ashamed and embarrassed of my mental state. I created what I created for myself and myself alone. I never gave you a reason behind what you were looking at. Luckily, art is funny like that. You can conclude whatever you want about a piece of work but you may not ever know if you’re correct. Finding this blog ended all of that for me and allowed me to join a real community. All artists may see themselves as a collective community but it’s not like this. These people do not see your work and call it “scary” “creepy” or “off-putting” (which I have been told about my own work) they are uplifting and supportive. I was and still am honored to share my work and my story with this community and I think every artist should check out the blog. These artistic are working off of pure emotion and they all have a talent that should be seen. I highly recommend following broken light collective.



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