Something Inspirational.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. I am not a fan of portraits. The posey kind anyways. I started photography as a hobby and an outlet. I take mostly self portraits. Like everyone I wasnt great at it at first, but you get better and better as you practice; like with anything. As i began to progress more and more people asked me if I’d do family/couple/engagement etc. photos for them and what I charge to do them. Now, for me, I simply SUCK at posing people, and when it comes to lighting, locations, and poses, my mental default is stuck in my own personal style. So, when people ask me I usually say I’ll do it for free (for lack of confidence) and I make sure they have seen my work so they don’t expect something different than what I will be giving them. Maybe that sounds harsh, because of the whole “the customer is always right” thing. BUT I simply don’t have the same “Style” as some of the professional portrait photogs out there. That said, I do still do them on the rare occasion. When I do, I rely heavily on candid, and personal. like today. I had a friend reach out to me about her sisters boyfriend wanting to fake her out with a staged photoshoot that would turn in to a proposal. This one I obviously agreed to because it would be VERY candid. But i was still nervous. Fast forward to when it was over and I was IN LOVE! And thats when I realized. Maybe its not so much the posing I dislike, maybe its the fact that there isn’t much emotion behind posing people like mannequins. So everyone meet Victoria and Josh. These two made my life spectacularly easy because they had just SO MUCH love between them. They came in, got comfy, and I just captured it.


engagement14 engagement13
Engagement2 Engagement1


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