Little Boys and Their Curiosity

Since I am only about 2 weeks from giving birth to my 3rd child I decided to take a day to really focus on my little boys. As excited as I am to have a new sweet little girl in our lives, I am feeling a little sad that it wont be just me and my little guys anymore. Maybe that’s just because she’s not here yet, but regardless, I wanted to take some time to really appreciate my guys.

So one morning we woke up, had breakfast and I decided to pull out my camera and spend time with them. Usually after their morning breakfast and cartoons routine, they usually head off to their room and play together until its boring and they are ready to bug me for entertainment. I usually take the time they are playing in their room to clean up, prepare myself for the day, make notes on all the things I want to accomplish that day etc. But today, I decided that I wanted to take a look at their little world. On this particular morning, Oliver went straight into his room and sat at his window, which is where he keeps all his rocks.


This kid LOVES rocks. At first I really thought that this was a passing obsession. Its not. He picks up rocks everywhere he goes, but the truly sweet part is that he makes sure to pick them up when we go somewhere new, or we are doing something he finds to be particularly special. For instance, he has a rock from Nebraska, when we spent time there visiting family, he has a rock he picked up from the mountain that his daddy and I got married on, and he has rocks from places we’ve taken them- like dinosaur valley, or the lake his daddy first took them fishing at. He’s even got rocks that he’s asked people to bring back fro him. For instance that one with the stripes on it.. he asked his grandpa to bring that back for him when he went to Belize. I’m not sure if its the actual rocks he enjoys having, or if its the idea of bringing places back with him that intrigues him so much. Either way,  its definitely an impressive collection he’s got, and he certainly loves to tell you all about it.


Simon is definitely the more curious of the two. He took to his room and put on his “play pretend lab coat” and pulled out the microscope that we got him for Christmas, and started looking at random things he found in his room- a river rock from his brothers collection, the apple core he had been snacking on, and his own toes. When  you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he usually answers with the typical “I wanna work with daddy”, jobs like Scientist or artist never really come out of his mouth even though he definitely has a curious and creative side. He is always drawing, “writing stories”, and even though they usually end in messes that I’m responsible for cleaning- he does a lot of “experimenting”. I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible so I could just observe them, but of course just sitting in the room invited quite a few remarks like, “mommy, look, you’ve got to see this”.

The thing I think I loved most about this morning, was that I took a moment to do some “observing”, or so I thought, and what I ended up doing was taking time to show my favorite little guys that the things that matter to them, also matter to me. I don’t think that I spend enough time really showing them that the things that interest them are important. Sure, I exclaim how wonderful all their drawings are, or how unique their new rocks are, but I don’t spend enough time on the floor with them- completely engaged in what it is they are trying to show me. Spending that whole morning really letting them show me how cool they thought their toes looked under the microscope is a memory I’m gonna cherish for the rest of my life; and I’m really glad that its how I spent my morning.





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